How to build minimum Linux distribution ?

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  1. download Linux kernel and busybox source code.
  2. extract source code at linux and busybox
  3. install ncurses and bc
  4. cd to linux folder and make menuconfig to have a gui to customize kernel configuration; then make tar-pkg to build kernel and package in a tarball.
  5. cd to busybox folder and make menuconfig; check build busybox as a static binary; then make; copy out the executable binary file of busybox.
  6. dd if=/dev/zero of=disk.img count=1 bs=512M to create 512MB disk; format the disk with mkfs.ext4; use losetup to bind the disk.img to a loop device such as /dev/loop0
  7. mkdir a new folder and mount as /dev/loop0; extract built linux kernal to the folder; in the folder also do mkdir dev proc sys bin sbin sys var etc dev
  8. copy busybox binary to bin folder; in sbin folder, do ln to create a soft link of init (→ busybox); in bin folder, create soft link of sh, bash (→ busybox)
  9. run grub2-install --root-directory=<mount_folder> --no-floppy --force /dev/loop0 to set up bootable section
  10. convert disk.img to disk.vmdk (for example with qemu-img)
  11. creaet a virtual machine to run the min linux
  12. in grub boot screen: input linux /boot/vmlinuz-<kernel_version> root=/dev/sda rw; then type boot to get min linux run
  13. use busybox ifconfig to config network